Gujarat State Federation of Co-op. Sugar Factories Ltd.
Gujarat State Federation of Co-op. Sugar Factories Ltd.
Gujarat State Federation of Co-op. Sugar Factories Ltd.
Gujarat State Federation of Co-op. Sugar Factories Ltd.

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Deputy Government of India
Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution
Department of Food and Public Distribution
Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi-110001
                                                                Dated the 04.06.2009.
No.SC-II/2008-09/FS/O/June, 2009/N


            In exercise of the powers conferred by Clause under Sub-section (3E) of the Essential Commodities Act’1955 {incorporated in the Essential Commodities (Amendment) Act, 2003 (No.37 of 2003 dated 02.06.2003) read with the provisions of the Sugar (Control) Order, 1966 and the Notification of the Govt. of India in the erstwhile ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (Department of Food) GSR 462 (E)/Ess.Com./Sugar dated the 30th July, 1979 , I, Sanjay Kumar, Deputy Director (Cost), Directorate of Sugar, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution, hereby direct that the producers/owners of the sugar factories shall sell in India in open market from their respective factories the specified quantity of non-levy sugar as mentioned in column no. 11 of the following table, during the month of June,2009, out of the production of the year 2008-09 (October, 2008 to September, 2009) or 2007-08 sugar season or earlier sugar seasons. In case any lapsed quantity of sugar of earlier season is also available, the same may also be sold but an equivalent quantity of sugar out of 2008-09 season’s production be retained till a final decision in this regard is taken by the Government.  This will be subject to the conditions listed in this order as per the details below:-


1.  The sugar to be sold shall confirm to ISS Grade specifications.  The sales       invoice issued in respect of sugar shall indicate the name and full address of       the consignee.  The producer may use a quantity as he may consider       necessary out of the quota released for the purpose of manufacturing sugar       products/food products in which sugar is used in a factory owned by him.

2.  There will be no restriction on Inter-State movement of the sugar including       movement to Bhutan.

3.   The clearance of normal free sale entitlement as well as additional free sale        on account of incentives shall be made at the normal rate of excise duty.

4.   The mill in whose case incentive under 1987 scheme have been granted on       deferment basis at their request will not be entitled for the excise duty       rebate.

5.   The delivery/dispatch of the above-mentioned quantity of sugar shall       commence with immediate effect and delivery/dispatch of the entire quantity       shall be completed by 30.06.2009.  Further the sugar factory shall sell and       dispatch entire quantity released to them for the month of June, 2009,       within the prescribed validity period of the order i.e up to 30.6.2009 and any       quantity which remains unsold/undispatched after the expiry of the validity        period of the order shall stand converted into levy sugar stocks. 

6.   Violation of the condition No.5 would constitute an offence and shall be       punishable under the Essential Commodities Act, 1955, as amended from       time to time.

7.    Each company shall furnish a statement, latest by the 7th day of the        following month, showing factory-wise, season-Director (Cost)

Copy to :
1.   The Central Excise Officer concerned.
2.   State Governments/Union Territory concerned.
3.   The Senior Technical Officer, Central Economic Intelligence Bureau, Deptt. of        Revenue, Ministry of Finance, 1st floor, B-Wing, Janpath Bhavan, New Delhi
4.    ISMA/Federation/E&V Cell.
5.    Principal Information Officer, Press information Officer, New Delhi.
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