Gujarat State Federation of Co-op. Sugar Factories Ltd.
Gujarat State Federation of Co-op. Sugar Factories Ltd.
Gujarat State Federation of Co-op. Sugar Factories Ltd.
Gujarat State Federation of Co-op. Sugar Factories Ltd.


  • To co-ordinate activities of the Societies affiliated with the Federation and to extend help and co-operation for setting up of new sugar industries in the co-operative field.
  • To provide technical advice and guidance and assist in selection, in purchase, in erection and repairs of machineries and other accessories.
  • To assist and guide to affiliated sugar factories in selection of Technical expert and give guidance.
  • To propose ways and means for expansion of capacity of affiliated sugar factories.
  • To assist in introducing uniform accounting systems and methods of costing in the sugar factories.
  • To assist the sugar factories in obtaining financial assistance from State Government, Central Government, or various National and International Financial Institutions.
  • To help in marketing sugar produced by sugar factories. To arrange for bulk purchases of chemicals, gunny bags, spare parts, chemical fertilizers, wood and any other essential inputs required by the sugar factories.
  • To help to produce value added product from by-products, alternatively, help in marketing it.
  • To publish and provide literature pertaining to marketing cane cultivation etc. to the sugar factories.
  • To represent issues / points, on behalf of member sugar factories to State Government, Central Government, other institutions,commissions/committees or individuals.
  • To assist them solve, to implement various problems scheme s to increase recovery of sugar to reduce cost of production or to take on hand research activity to increase productivity of sugarcane.
  • To establish /make operative modern laboratory equipped with latest equipments in order to increase production of sugarcane and sugar. To make survey for establishing agro-based industry and get prepared a project report.
  • To arrange conference, congress, lecture, training for the staff of member sugar factories and if necessary to establish and manage technical institution.
  • If necessary to extend financial assistance to Agricultural University for sugarcane research and development.
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